Business Radio End-User Rebate: Fall 2020

September 1st – December 31st, 2020

Promotion Fall 2020
* Valid two-way Business Radio purchases include eligible models for the CLP, CLPe, CLS, DLR, DTR, RD, and RM Series. Maximum promotion limit is sixty (60) total qualifying purchased radios claimed per customer/company. Proof of purchase is required. FREE AUDIO ACCESSORIES: End-User will be required to choose one of two audio accessory options provided per claim of six (6) same-series radios. The End-User’s selection will be used as the free reward for all six (6) audio accessories for the qualifying claim of six (6) same-series radios (no mix and match of audio accessories allowed within each claim). FREE MULTI-UNIT CHARGER (MUC): End-User will receive a free compatible MUC for every twelve (12) total qualifying same-series radios claimed (up to maximum limit). End-Users are not required to select their free MUC at the time of claim, instead it will be automatically rewarded after qualifying. Additional terms and conditions apply.

** $5,827 maximum savings is based on MSRP of sixty (60) free HKLN4606 (remote speaker microphone) + five (5) free PMLN7136 (DLR series compatible MUC) when maximum qualifying purchase made. Total savings achieved will vary depending on radio series purchased and accessory model rewarded.

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