New & Improved CLPe Two-Way Radios Offer Teams a Great Tool for Better Customer Service

While retailers and hospitality providers are struggling to meet customer demand in an ever changing world, Motorola’s new CLPe two-way radios are proving to be one of the best tools to help teams respond quickly and stay connected.

Lightweight, small, and stylish, the CLPe can be worn discreetly and comfortably all day long, through extended shifts. Its simple and intuitive design allows staff to focus less on the radio and more on the guest.

The larger and improved smart status glow ring lets users quickly check essential radio information such as battery power and active channel, as well as indicating radio transmit and receive, volume level and mute.

A large, centrally located push-to-talk (PTT) button and voice-assisted operations allow team members to operate the radio while staying focused on their role. Various accessory options provide more flexibility and comfort, such as interchangeable hygienic ear-tips to isolate noise in distracting environments, in-line PTT on the headset, and magnetic clasp for easily affixing the radio to any wardrobe without causing damage.

The new housing is engineered to meet MIL-810 standards for temperature, drops and vibration while being rated to IP54 for protection from dust and water intrusion. Together with the improved crisp and clear audio performance provided by the redesigned earpiece, plus 15 adjustable volume levels, the Motorola CLPe helps teams effectively manage busy retail days.

Motorola’s CLP has proven itself in retail stores worldwide since 2012. Now, the new and improved CLPe builds on this success with enhanced features, improved design, and better durability.

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