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XTN Series Two-Way Radios have been replaced by the RDX Series.
Accessories for the XTN, such as batteries, holsters, and headsets are still available.

UHF Industrial Two-Way Radio – XTN XU2600

Industrial. Rugged. Built to take heavy use.

Keep in touch with 6 channels and enhanced hands-free operation on this UHF model that is also compatible with Spirit™ products. Preassign channel access. Scramble for security. UHF radios perform best inside steel and concrete structures.

Accessories Included:


Audio Quality
The Motorola XTN Series offers better audio quality than the Spirit M-Series™, thanks to a newly designed chip and optimized acoustic cabinet that provides clearer audio at higher volumes.

The Motorola XTN Series is not just weatherproof, shockproof, and drop-proof, but designed to meet MilSpec810, and IP54 standards. These portable business radios are built to take the harshest work conditions that can be dished out.

Battery Life
The Motorola XTN Series NiMH rechargeable battery lasts up to 13 hours, so it can handle extended shifts without recharging. Motorola XTN Series portable business radios can also accommodate AA batteries.

Expected battery life for the Motorola XU2600 portable business radio:

Motorola engineers improved the selectivity, sensitivity and voice compression in the receiver of the XTN Series, which allows enhanced range capability. That means 2 –Watt models talk up to 250,000 square feet or 20 floors in a multilevel building.
* Talk range may vary depending on terrain and conditions.

The Motorola XTN Series has added 56 additional business-exclusive UHF frequencies along with 121 private line codes, including 83 digital private line codes (DPL). This makes it easier to find a clear channel with no interference and allows for a high degree of compatibility with an existing fleets of radios.

Motorola XTN Series portable business two-way radios are designed for split-second cloning using the multiunit charger. Radios can be added quickly to an existing fleet. Or, the fleet can be picked up and moved to a new location and set it up in a hurry with all the appropriate channel and code settings.

Hands-free Operation
For those jobs that take two hands, the Motorola XTN Series can be used hands-free.
* 1–channel models need the right audio accessory.

Manager Lockout
Motorola XTN Series portable business radios can also be set on tamper-proof manager lockout to keep everyone on the same channel and code.

Call Tones
In high ambient noise areas, call tones can be used to grab the attention of the people that need to be reached.

Get Extraordinary Compatibility
Maybe best of all, the Motorola XTN Series is compatible with all Motorola Spirit professional two-way radios, including all radios in the Spirit M-Series™, the Spirit GT™, the Spirit HP™, the Spirit Pacer™ and the Spirit S-Series™.

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