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Business Radio Means Big Business!

The Motorola RDX, CLS, CLP, and DTR radios offer the range and features that can increase productivity and efficiency, enhance security, and improve overall customer service – all at the push of a button. Plus, they operate on frequencies reserved exclusively for business use. Never before has on-site communications been so exciting!

Motorola Creates the Demand — You Direct the Traffic

When Motorola launches a product, many industries feel the vibrations. From national product advertising to in-store sales tools, you can count on the marketing muscle and support of one of the premier names in the communications industry. Motorola reaches out to your customers with impressive advertising campaigns, public relations blitzes and extensive trade show efforts to help boost your bottom line.

For more information, please fill out our online form, or call us toll-free at 877-301-3211.

The Buzz Means Business

On-site communication is the trend today. The technology is powerful. The benefits are endless. And the profit margins are soaring!

Opportunity Abounds

The Motorola CLS, with its high-tech features and user friendly design, is at the forefront of the on-site business communications trend. CLS radios power high productivity for your customers, and higher profits for you. In addition to its high profit margins, the CLS radio has virtually endless add-on opportunities. This means once your customers experience the benefits of these two-way radios, they’ll be back for more. And, as their business grows, so will yours.

Did You Know?

There are 70 million potential two-way radio customers.
In 1998, there were nearly 7 million two-way radio users in the U.S.
The on-site, two-way radio industry experienced growth of 132% in 1998.

Potential Markets

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