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RM SERIES ** replaces 2-Watt RDX radios **


The RM Series are the newest radios from Motorola that replace the RDX 2W radios. the RM series radios are built tough to do business better. They offer a similar feature set to the RDX series radios allowing for an easy migration. They also feature new and enhanced features such as Customized Channel Announcement and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Alerts, along with a lightweight swivel carry holder, for flexible and comfortable wearing.

RDX Models Description Replacement
RM Models
RDU2020 2 Watt, 2 channel UHF
RMU2040 2 Watt, 4 Channel UHF
(450-470 MHz)
RDU2080D 2 Watt, 8 Channels, display, UHF (450-470MHz) RMU2080 2 Watt, 8 Channels UHF
RMU2080D 2 Watt, 8 Channels, display, UHF (450-470MHz)
RDV2020 2 Watt, 2 channel, VHF
RMV2080 2 Watt, 8 channel, VHF
RDV2080D 2 Watt, 8 Channels, display, VHF (150.8-160MHz)
RDM2020 2 Watt, 2 Channels MURS Frequency RMM2050 2 Watt, 5 Channels MURS Frequency
RDM2080D 2 Watt, 2 Channels MURS Frequency


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