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The EasyAssist Wireless Call Button is an ideal way to improve customer satisfaction with the shopping experience in your store. At the push of a button a signal goes out to all radio equipped personnel signafying a need for assistance in a specific area or department. The message is customized to fit your store's needs and is easily changed should the call button be moved to another location. Easily mounted with a self contained power source, the EasyAssist complements your two-way radio system and provides trouble-free operation. Customized text and graphics take it one step further to create brand consistency and provide a complete user experience.

** NEW ** – Now availalbe is a Push-To-Talk version of the EasyAssist Call Button, allowing instant two-way communication connecting people and places to your existing two-way radio investment. Ideal anywhere customers or employees need to interact.

Easy Assist Call ButtonEasy Assist HD Call Button

LEFT IMAGE: EasyAssist 200, with customized text and graphics available for faceplate.

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RIGHT IMAGE: EasyAssist 200 HD (Heavy Duty) – Designed to be weather proof for outdoor use, ruggedized to mil-spec standards. Built for the long haul. Testing wasn’t complete until the unit was shipped, without a box, to Melborne Australia. And just to be sure, we baked it to 120° Fahrenheit and ran over it with an F-150. It’s still working.

Brochure Downloads:

Direct to Radio. Instant Communication. Completely Wireless.

Completely wireless and Motorola radio compatible, each EasyAssist is engineered to provide long-lasting functionality, and does not require complicated installation. Just mount it to the desired surface. Completely wireless enabled, the EasyAssist facilitates clear communication without signal interruptions to further add professionalism to any workspace.

EasyAssist 200   EasyAssist 200 HD
  • Dimensions: 7.61" x 4.56" x 1.52"
  • 1 Year of battery life (7 uses per day) on 3 C-Cell (Extended battery life units available)
  • Auxiliary button support
  • Plug and play 2-way radio integration
  • Durable ABS and Lexan construction
  • Duo LockTM snaps FCC & IC Approved
  • Dimensions: 8.19" x 4.69" x 2.37"
  • 1 Year of battery life (7 uses per day) on 3 C-Cell
  • Rugged and integral mounting tabs
  • Water resistant and weather tested
  • Dust Sealed
  • Temperature tested to -10 to 120 Fahrenheit
  • Digital and Analog CTCSS Codes
  • 100% Compatible with Motorola Business Radios (CLS, CLP, and many more)



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