RDX Series


RDX Series

DTR Series
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Digital Two-Way Radio

Broad Coverage. One-to-Many Calling. No License Required.

The DTR Series digital on-site portable two-way radios operate at 900 MHz and offer enhanced communication options, including Digital One-to-One Calling and Digital One-to-Many Calling (Public Group and Private Group). They also provide enhanced performance with greater coverage, longer battery life and digital audio quality that is loud and clear everywhere you have coverage.

Two models are available in the DTR Series:

Model Maximum
Private Groups
Public Groups
Group IDs
VibraCall® Standard
DTR410 100 N/A 25 50 NO Fixed 300,000 s.f. (25 floors)
DTR550 150 10 20 100 YES Stubby 325,000 s.f. (30 floors)

1. Talk range may vary depending on terrain and conditions


Talk Further and Hear Clearer

What do our DTR Series radios offer that make them ideal for your operation? How about flexibility, so you can call a single radio, a group, or specific members of a group. Or 20% greater coverage and up to 45% longer operation on a single charge.* Or digital audio quality that stays loud and clear everywhere there’s coverage. Finally, a very affordable price – without annual contracts, monthly fees, service towers or per-minute charges. Property manager or principal, plant supervisor or event planner, you can rely on DTR Series Radios to boost productivity, cut downtime and strengthen service.

Call One or Many, Public or Private

The digital technology in our DTR Series radios means each unit has its own unique 11-digit identification, so you enjoy a new level of communication versatility with all these calling features:

Digital One-to-One Private Calling

Communicate privately with a specific user. Recipient can receive an alert—either audible or vibrating. Recipient’s radio displays the caller’s ID.

Digital One-to-Many Group Calling

Make a public group call — all other DTR radios on the same group ID and channel hear communications.

Digital One-to-Many Calling

Private group call (DTR550 only) – lets you program DTR550 radios to communicate with specific sets of group members. Caller ID displays group identification.

Digital One-to-Many with Private Reply

Users can reply privately one to one when a group communication is received by pressing the Private Reply soft button on the screen.

Transmit iD

Receiving radios display the radio ID of the transmitting unit and, if listed in your contact list, the unit’s radio name.

Scroll List

View the quick access list of most used contacts accessible via the up/down arrow on the keypad.

Digital Audio Quality

Stays loud and clear everywhere you have coverage.

Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)

Provides enhanced security utilizing up to 500 license free frequencies separated into 10 non overlapping frequency blocks.

Enhanced Coverage

Extends coverage by 20%*– up to 300,000 square feet or 25 floors for the DTR410; up to 325,000 sq. ft or 30 floors for the DTR550

Extended Battery Life

Get up to 19 hours of battery life with the extended capacity battery available as an accessory.

DTR Short Messaging Service (SMS)

Send and receive preset messages, such as “I’ll call you back in 5 minutes.” You can also add custom messages for specific needs.

Advanced Managerial Features

Keep your system up to date (add or delete contacts or workgroups) with DTR over the air (OTA) programming. When you need to replace a damaged or lost radio the information of the new device can be added remotely to your whole fleet with little to no downtime.

* Coverage will vary based on terrain and conditions. All comparison claims made against Motorola CP100/XU2600 analog radio models. High capacity battery used.


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