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CLS 1450c
CLS 1450c

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!!!   This model has been discontinued   !!!

Cordless Phone and Two-Way Radio – CLS 1450c

Switch between the two with ease

The Motorola CLS1450C offers a powerful digital 2.4GHz signal, loaded with a host of features, including Caller ID with Visual Call Waiting, speakerphone, a programmable phone book, outbound call lock programmability, and more. (Caller ID with Visual Call Waiting requires subscription to Caller ID and Visual Call Waiting ID service from your local telephone company. Not available in all areas.)

Cordless Phone Features
Two-Way Radio Features
Radio Range/Coverage:
Accessories Included:


Seamless Two-Way Radio / Phone Interaction
Incoming two-way radio or phone calls are signaled, and you can easily switch back and forth between functions with the Motorola CLS1450CH.

Expandable Functionality
Up to four CLS1450c combination two-way radio/cordless phone handsets can be designated to a single phone base.

Phone Base
Provides the CLS1450c access to the telephone feature (must be connected to an analog phone line). Up to four CLS1450c handsets can share a single phone base plus, it can be placed on any flat surface and is also wall mountable.

Lightweight Durability
Weighing just ounces, Motorola CLS Series™ radio handsets are designed to be comfortable to wear, yet they’re built to withstand everyday use.

Business Exclusive Frequencies
Motorola CLS Series™ radios operate on 56 different business exclusive frequencies and feature 121 codes, which means you can rely on getting a clear signal (FCC License is required for use).

Advanced Voice Activation (VOX)
Enjoy the convenience of hands-free operation with the Motorola CLS1450c when used with optional accessories.

Long Lasting Battery Life
A rechargeable Lithium Ion battery provides up to 10 hours of use for the Motorola CLS1450c, more than enough for a standard work shift.

Convenient Charging
An easy-to-use drop-in charger keeps Motorola CLS Series™ radios charged, ready – and centrally located.

Keypad Lock
Helps prevent settings from being accidentally changed on the CLS1450CB, limiting unnecessary downtime.

Call Tones / VibraCall® Alert
3 selectable call tones alert users of incoming transmissions. The VibraCall® Alert feature on the Motorola CLS1450CB discreetly signals users with a vibration.

Fast Settings Transfer
Motorola CLS Series™ radios are cloning capable with the use of an optional CCS Station (Cloning, Charging, Storage) accessory, which allows you to quickly copy settings from radio to radio.

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