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RM SERIES ** replaces 2-Watt RDX radios **

On-Site Two-Way Business Radios – RM Series


Q. What does RM stand for?

A: Rugged, Multi-use radio.

Q: Which radios do the RM Series replace?

A: The 2 watt RDX models. For exact model number replacement details, see the RDX to RM Series Compatibility matrix.

Q: How does the RM Series radio compare to RDX?

A: The RM Series radios offer the same features as the RDX radios, plus some new features. The RM series offers customized channel announcement with voice alias, which tells you which channel you are on when you change it. You can designate 16 pre-recorded channel names that fit your specific departments, such as customer service or security. Select RM Series radios also feature NOAA weather alerts, which allow you to dedicate a channel to monitoring weather and be automatically notified when there is an alert. The Weather Channel configuration can be customized based on geographic location via customer programming software (CPS). This radio also has an antimicrobial coating, which helps prevent the growth of mold and germs on the surface of the radio.

Q: Will you be canceling the RDX Series radios?

A: The RM Series radios are only replacing the 2 watt RDX models. We will continue to ship 2 watt RDX models through the end of 2013. 4/5 watt RDX models are not impacted by the new RM Series launch.

Q: Can I use my accessories from my RDX radios on my RM Series radio?

A: All RDX audio accessories are compatible with the RM Series radios. The RM Series radios require a new battery, charger and carry holster.

Q: How does the customer programming software (CPS) work?

A: HTML-based Customer Programming Software works with any computer web browser. It makes the RM Series easy to program and allows interchangeable profiles with RDX Series. CPS can be downloaded at www.motorolasolutions.com/RMseries. Programming cable part number for the RM Series is HKKN4027.

Q: Is a FCC license required?

A: Yes, for UHF and VHF models. The MURS models are FCC license free.

Q: Can I clone the RM Series radios with RDX Series radios?

A: Yes, you can quickly copy settings between RM Series radios or between RM Series and RDX Series radios with the radio-to-radio cloning cable (HKKN4028) or in the multi-unit charger (PMLN6384).

Q: Does this radio meet FCC narrowbanding requirements?

A: Yes, this radio meets the FCC narrowbanding mandate to operate in 12.5kHz mode. The U.S. models only operate in 25kHz mode, while the Canadian model (RMU2043) operates in 12.5 and 25 kHz modes.


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