Separate manufacturer’s recommendations for the CLP1060 two way radio and Bluetooth headset are found inside the packaging. The simple instructions below are a combination of the radio and headset pairing instructions.

Pairing the Pod with Your Two-Way Radio:

  1. Before starting, make sure your two-way radio is in paring mode. (That means OFF)
  2. With the pod off (see illustration at right), press and hold the (silver) pod power button until the LED is solid blue. Pod is the rectangular 1/2”x1” black battery pack that clips to the lapel HKLN4512.
  3. Position the pod next to the two way radio that you want to pair. On the Radio – Press and hold the PTT button and power button simultaneously until the radio shows the blue LED
  4. Pod will provide voice prompt to indicate successful connection. Radio LED will blink Blue/Purple for 5 seconds when pairing successful. Red/Purple means fail/timeout.

NOTE: The Bluetooth feature is disabled when the wired audio accessory is plugged into the accessory connector on the CLP radio.

Reconnect to Last Connected Bluetooth Headset:

  1. Turn the radio OFF.
  2. Press the power button to turn the radio ON. (Make sure the Bluetooth headset is turned ON).

Erase Bluetooth Headset History and Add Bluetooth Headset:

  1. Turn the radio OFF.
  2. Put the Bluetooth headset in pairing mode. Refer to your Bluetooth headset instructions leaflet.
  3. Press and hold the Menu button and power button simultaneously until radio shows the blue LED.

Note: The CLP radio uses proximity pairing. Make sure the headset is close enough to the CLP radio. Pairing process takes about 14 seconds.