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AX Series Two-Way Radios have been replaced by the RDX Series.
Accessories for the AX, such as batteries, holsters, and headsets are still available.

UHF Industrial Two-Way Radio – AXU4100

Get More Power!

The AX Series™ means POWER in industrial two-way radios. On-site one-to-one or group communications rely on the AX Series to carry the radio signals through and around obstructions. Equipped with extra features, the AX Series radios deliver heavy-duty payback construction, manufacturing, warehousing, and safety/security sites where response must be dependable.

Accessories Included:


Power is the name of the game Motorola AX Series™ portable business two-way radios. The extra power helps to carry the radio signal through and around physical obstructions such as adjacent buildings, campus settings and multistory buildings. At the touch of a button, the Motorola AXU4100 provides one-to-one or group communication, allowing quicker response time to daily workplace issues, ability to track projects more efficiently, and the power to help employers keep up with their workforce.


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