Spring 2019 Promo

Spring Promo

Multiple ways to save when 6 business radios are purchased:

  1. a free radio
  2. a prepaid Visa® card
  3. a free multi-unit charger

PLUS double rewards when 48 business radios are purchased.
Offer valid 3/1/19 – 6/30/19

Please contact us for complete details, limitations, and rules.

Radio Group

Expanded Portfolio

We’ve increased our product offering by more than 50%! Now – more than ever – Axcess Technology Source can help you provide the communications tools your customers need in almost any industry.

Business Radios – On-site two-way radios, discreet communication, weather alerts, and built tough

Talkabout™ Family Radios – for outdoor adventures, emergency preparedness, snow and water sports, and family outings

Commercial Tier Radios – Ultra-thin portables, extra tough mobiles, customized data apps, and system scalability

CAT® Phones – Rugged smartphones that never let you down, with powerful features like thermal imaging, indoor air quality sensor, and laser assisted distance measurement

Markets We Serve

Motorola two-way radios improve work performance in any industry. Better communication helps keep construction projects on schedule, helps educators maintain safety and order on campus, and helps retailers provide the very best customer service. Motorola’s wide selection of radios ensures the right tool will be used for the right job, maximizing efficiency and responsiveness.

Top Industries Include:
  • Construction / Industrial Trades
  • Education & Athletics
  • Food Services / Grocery Stores
  • Hospitality (Restaurants/Hotels)
  • Healthcare / Nursing Homes
  • Manufacturing & Warehousing
  • Property Management
  • Security / Law Enforcement
  • Retail & Recreation
  • Golf Courses / Resorts
  • First Responders (Fire, EMS)
  • Mining / Oil and Gas
  • Transportation and Logistics

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